Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For love or money??

For love or for money? Why do people get married in this new day and age? I ask these questions because of a recent discussion I had with a female friend who stated that money was the most important factor in marriage ( she is single). Because without money the wheels fall off, there is not enough love to make it work without money. Another woman ( married) said that its not the money per say but what the money can bring. That is security, prosperity, ect. She also went on to state that many marriages fail because of conflicting attitudes on and about money.

I say this, why is money such an importance to begin with? Yeah, I know it gets you things and allows you to live somewhat the way you want but chasing it is like trying to nail the girl of your dreams that considers you a friend, your never going to be satisfied. Marrying for love is more important than marrying for money. If you marry for money chances are high you will fail. What is more important in a marriage love or the loot?

PS shout out to my new followers, would nto be right if I neglected you guys lol.


  1. I would hope love would be the most important thing. Money helps, but damn! If you don't have love for your mate, I don't think you should marry them.
    It seldom works out from what I've seen.

  2. aqree with reese

    with love is when yu can concour all .

    with nothinq but $$$ in marriaqe comes nothinq but PROBLEMS .