Thursday, July 30, 2009

Looks like its someone elses turn

So Mr. Bush has said he had enough with Kim. I mean I am not sure if I can agree with his choice considering how banging she is lol. But as the old saying goes, for every beautiful woman there is a guy somewhere tired of banging her. The bigger issue though probably had to do with that sex tape. Its one thing not to be a virgin but to have it on tape? Yeah, very hard to take you seriously at that point. I am sure Bush got clowned time after time about it and who knows the behind the scenes between the two. But I know bros are ready to line up to break her off. But if she start talking that serious stuff? She will probably get dissed yet again.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Marrying a Hoe?

Question of the day, could you marry someone you knew to be a hoe or a porn star? I mean male or female could you do it and put up with the public criticism of loving someone with a horrible past. I know a lot of fellas would love to bang out Roxy Reynolds, but if you asked those same dudes would you bring her down the aisle most would say hell to the no. Why? Because who wants a wife that took cum shots to the face that could be purchased for $49.99? Ladies, could you put up with women checking your man cause he was on booty talk 35 banging out some chick raw dog? It would talk a lot of love and strong resolve to do it but I think few people have it in them to love or marry someone that was or is considered a hoe. What say you? Could you?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mrs. McNair is messing up

i am really sorry for this woman's loss, I really am. But you want to know the best way to make folks look bad? Try leaving your husbands other two sons off the list as heirs because they came from a prior relationship. That is what Michelle has reportedly done when she was named the administrator of Steve's estate. I am not sure if its being bitter, pissed off or what but this is simply not the right thing to do. This makes her seem like a bitter woman who will now take her anger out on children who had nothing to do with it. Yeah, you look out for your two sons and take care of them but now that Steve is gone, F*ck his other two sons? If that is how the majority of women think, marriage will come to a crashing holt. I know ladies, Steve cheated. I get it. I get that she is angry but to leave his other two boys out in the cold because YOUR pissed off? Get over yourself, quickly. Those two boys, unless they are not his (Steve's), have every right to their fathers money as her two boys do. Just because you did not pop them out does not all of a sudden mean they are worthless. Put those boys on the estate or you will have made a bad situation even worse.

P.S. Shout out to Reese for following your boy, welcome and enjoy!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The money shot

Some women love it, some hate it. It has caused friction in different relationships. The money shot is porn slang for busting on the woman's face, breasts or booty at the correct time. But taken out of porn and into normal peoples bedrooms, women either like it or don't. Some women will say " bust on my breasts and booty but NOT my face!" Others will say " You can cum in my mouthand forehead but watch my eyes". Others simply do not want it in their hair, period. While yet others do not even want it on their booty. I prefer the breasts or the face when I can. Sometimes the mouth as well. But I take as good as I give so if the woman I am dealing with cannot give me as much in return its a wrap, ole selfish heffa lol !

Ladies, if your man says he wants to bust on your face what would you say? Are you ok with it? Where do you like for a man or your man to cum? Or is this just pornstar/hoe treatment and ladies should not have to subject themselves to this?

P.S. if this is your jump off homie better be busting in the condom, he don't get no special treatment! lol

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Friday, July 10, 2009

3sum, time of my life!

Last month I engaged in one of my most wanted fantasies. I was caught up in a woman, woman and me threesum! Great right? Of course it is lol! How did I do this? Pure luck is all I can call it. Sure, I had been in MMF before(two guys and a girl) not on some gay stuff but on serious focus to the pleasure of the woman. Did that twice with two different females, both loved all the attention they received but I digress. In this situation I was dealing with a woman who was bisexual but did not inform me of it. One day I happened to get over to her place trying to get some pussy but was not going well lol. A friend of hers happened to come by who was actually the chick that she deals with from time to time. The first girl ( Keisha, fake name not gonna blast her) was caramel, C cup breasts and a decent sized booty. The second (cocoa) was a bit taller but dark skinned. She had D cup breasts and a heavy booty, not quite round but had some weight on it. As Keisha and I talked cocoa was walking around as if she was checking things, hanging around, ect. Being bold as Keisha and I spoke I said to myself, why not just grab a breast? I mean hell my talking isn't working, maybe action will lol!

Well that seemed to help out as Keisha tried to act shy but she was kind of turned on by the boldness of it. I guess some women dig that aggressive type of stuff. I get up on Keisha and begin to kiss her on the lips and neck while trying to strip her down. Cocoa is in the living room as Keisha and I were in her bedroom and we neglected to close the door. I got Keisha naked , opened her legs and ate her out, well. Legs in the air, tongue deep in the pussy, sucking on the clit , making her moan and grabbing my head guiding my tongue while in her pussy. After I was done we switched positions and she began to give me that slowwwww head. The type to make your eyes roll back. Cocoa comes in the room to see whats going on and doesn't even hesitate. She takes off her shirt and bra, comes over and begins to assist Keisha in sucking me off. Now, let me tell you there is no greater feeling than having two women suck your dick. One on the shaft, other on the balls, both working together. GREAT FEELING! What was more interesting was that Keisha never stopped her or anything. I am not going to stop whats going down so we all keep going. I begin to eat Cocoa out while Keisha rode her face. When it came time for the sex, I began with Cocoa because of her booty and my preference for dark skinned women lol. The back shots were outstanding! I mean the pussy felt great holding onto her hips and beating it up. Keisha was playing with her pussy until we switched it up. I hit Kesha with her legs open and face toward the sky. Cocoa played with her breasts, sucking on them slowly while keisha was getting her fill of dick. When we switched again Cocoa rode my dick and Keisha my face. We switched in those positions as well and Cocoa came in my mouth hard while Keisha was riding the dick well. With Cocoa good I could focus a little bit more on Keisha who wanted to cum with dick, not head. I let her do her thing on top as I held her hips and pushed my dick up inside of her. Cocoa was kissing her and playing with her clit. Keisha came 15 minutes later and my nuts were drenched. When it came to my nut, both women began again to suck me off. I felt real good and simply wanted to enjoy the moment lol! I stood up and busted on their faces.

The biggest thing I learned about being with two women is that you gotta please both of them equally. You cannot give one more attention than the other or it could get bad. Nothing is worse than having two horny, pissed off, haven't cum yet women in your bed and your the only penis. That is bound to get you raped, for real. I enjoyed it very much and would love to do it again. Things like that have to happen on their own fellas. But if it does, enjoy the ride!

Booty of the Week

Good Lawd!!! If there is a sista or any female built like dis here, call me ASAP! lol

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jump Offs

Recently, Steve McNair was shot in the head in a supposed murder suicide. His jump off was a 20 year old chick that probably caught feelings and such. Now, I am not saying that what he did was right. Most big time players with big time loot try to get big time pussy. If your used to getting pussy all your life, then having more than one woman even if your married is not a stretch. I would say that if your married you should stay married. But if you must have a mistress then I would do it in this manner:

1. Get an older woman. No young women at all, none.

2. Older women know more about the world, have more experience. This is important because you can actually TALK to them. Therefore, this makes them easier to be around for more than sex.

3. They are better women than younger ones. Once their beauty fades a bit, they become better at other aspects to remain attractive to men. They can cook better, know more, heal you when your sick, ect.

4. Their kids are grown or should be grown at that point. Which means you have access to her whenever you two want it.

5. They are discrete. This is huge. Because of their experience they know the ball from the bounce. They know your married and likely do not care. However, they do not want their business out there as they want to keep you to themselves in a way. So, they keep their mouth shut. Having an affair with an older woman is easier because they know what its all about and know hot to get away with it.

6. The pussy is still good. If you take a younger woman and an older woman and banged them in the dark, you would not know which was which if all things are normal and equal. Even if they are not as tight as a younger woman, they can still give up the pussy well.

7. Banging an older woman does not hurt confidence like banging a younger woman or god forbid a virgin.

8. Most older women simply want sex. In fact, it maybe BETTER if your married. Because they get the dick without complication from you. They do not have to put up with the bull crap of a relationship, just sex and they get to cum.

9. They are very good at being women, trust me!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

For the love of complete sex

I love sex, love it. I simply do not like just normal sex with a woman. I love sex to be an experience for both me and her. Every time I got in bed with a woman I had two objectives: 1. To make her cum and 2. To make her experience one where she felt it a month from now mentally. The mental aspect of sex is an overlooked thing that had to be rediscovered.

An example of how I think when I look at a woman would be this. If I see a good looking woman wearing something sexy, I am thinking about what is she wearing underneath? If I bend her over her office desk and pull down her panties, gently kiss her legs up to her pussy, how would she respond? Can I make her cum twice in a session, make her look into my eyes and convince her that she should give me her pussy whenever I want it? I want more from a woman than just her pussy I want her mind. I want her to see me and get horny knowing that at any minute her legs will be in the air or she will be feeling my tongue inside of her. That type of sex can get you in trouble but it can also keep you in constant demand and give you your constant supply.

From the women I dealt with, even those I treated poorly, they would always give me some no matter if I was involved or not. That is because they knew that sex with me was an experience. Something they could not get from anywhere else in their dealings with the men in their lives. So, if they have a man, they give me pussy. If they are married, they give me sex. Why? Because I made love to her mind and through her mind I can always control her body. That is complete sex.

Chick of the week

Yeah you wanna move that I pod don't you? Just nassy! lol


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