Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I was having a conversation with a friend of mines who is a male. He said that at a bar there was a blond woman who we worked with that happened to be at the bar as well. There was a wet T shirt contest that night and she decided to participate in it. Not only that but she won. My friend stated to some younger guys around her age that right then and there they should have tried to bang her. He also went on to say that because she did the contest, she lost all of her respect and no longer should be treated in a lady like way since she showed that for $100 worth of liquor, she could be convinced to become unlady like quickly.

This got me to thinking that lightweight he was right. If your a woman who is trying to demand respect in the work place or wherever but yet you go around town acting like a ho, who should really respect you? I believe that respect is the biggest form of currency women have and to lose it could damage her immensely. In college, who wants to be known for marrying the campus hoe? How about the chick who got drunk and got a train ran on her? Or the one who dropped it like it was hot in the club a little too much? Is it fair? No but such is life. What say you ladies?


  1. I agree with you she definitely lost some respect from her peers, but wow...they should've tried to bang her? Ok, granted she is reckless for participating in such a contest in a place her co workers frequent but that doesn't make her easy or a whore.
    But damn...she was all wet-chested in the bar...sheesh

  2. lol@reese....
    i agree with you that a woman's dignity is her greateset virtue but if it walk like a duck, quack like a duck then its a wet duck!!!!

  3. You can respect someones opinions because they've been through a similar situation.

    You can respect someones work ethic, because they demonstrate how hard they work.

    You can respect someones views, because they are well versed on a topic.

    .....there are many levels of respect. She's not a whore, just bc she does a wet T Shirt contest.