Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For love or money??

For love or for money? Why do people get married in this new day and age? I ask these questions because of a recent discussion I had with a female friend who stated that money was the most important factor in marriage ( she is single). Because without money the wheels fall off, there is not enough love to make it work without money. Another woman ( married) said that its not the money per say but what the money can bring. That is security, prosperity, ect. She also went on to state that many marriages fail because of conflicting attitudes on and about money.

I say this, why is money such an importance to begin with? Yeah, I know it gets you things and allows you to live somewhat the way you want but chasing it is like trying to nail the girl of your dreams that considers you a friend, your never going to be satisfied. Marrying for love is more important than marrying for money. If you marry for money chances are high you will fail. What is more important in a marriage love or the loot?

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The TO Show

* Credit goes to " Acts of Faith in Life and Life"

"Lessons African-American Women Can Learn From Watching the Terrell Owens Reality Show

  • Be careful about who you give your support and time to.
  • We need to stop celebrating the individual pursuits of blacks as if it's something that automatically uplifts everyone.
  • You should find out if these black male (actors, athletes, music artists, politicians, etc) are willing and able to uplift women like you.
So a brief breakdown of this scene. Owens has signed with the Buffalo Bills. He's in Niagara Falls with one of his employee/friends. She'd booked a room at a B&B and they messed up the reservation by putting them in the same room. This is the scene where they retire for the evening. He has two very attractive black women who serve the gatekeeper/policing role on this show. Officially they're his PR. As you watch the show you see them complaining about the women he gravitates towards and his reply that they have no lives of their own.

I've watched four episodes and am glad these women are Executive Producers because it means they're at least being compensated. Unlike so many other black women who fill these roles for a mere pat on the head - if that. This guy has no exposure to a black woman with our "typical" hair texture - which tends to be fragile - hence the need for a head scarf. He seems to have no intention of doing so either. Which is his choice. It's revealed that he cheated on his fiancee so even her appeal was not enough to guarantee his fidelity.

Notice how his friend points out that his dating trends are limited to white and "exotic" women. He doesn't date women who look like her. This is where I react and not because I think black men belong to black women but because of the apathy and disregard that has become the norm. It's so one-sided where we are rejected for no reason at all other than the poor attitude of these men. His underlying disdain is so obvious. He doesn't value black women as equals.

There isn't anything we can do about it - or should try to do about it actually but WAKE UP. If the role was reversed and it was black women exercising their rights to date and bed all the non-black or "exotic" men they wanted black men (and some black women who don't want us to have choices) would be howling. Like this poster at The Black Snob who has no verifiable account to trace back to them but is complaining about Black Women Empowerment bloggers who "constantly talk about black men" and "push mating with white men". Ha! The lack of reciprocity and blatant hypocrisy is what infuriates me.

I loved her reply to him though how any man she's with would notice her quality as a mate and not hold wearing a scarf against her. Even Anthony Bourdain knows what a doo-rag is used for. Are you paying attention ladies?"

I know the TO show has caused excitement, especially over the whole head scarf deal. But the overall question of this is do you think this blogger is right? would the bruhs flip if black women were dating white or whatever types of dudes, do you think its hypocrisy at work?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I was having a conversation with a friend of mines who is a male. He said that at a bar there was a blond woman who we worked with that happened to be at the bar as well. There was a wet T shirt contest that night and she decided to participate in it. Not only that but she won. My friend stated to some younger guys around her age that right then and there they should have tried to bang her. He also went on to say that because she did the contest, she lost all of her respect and no longer should be treated in a lady like way since she showed that for $100 worth of liquor, she could be convinced to become unlady like quickly.

This got me to thinking that lightweight he was right. If your a woman who is trying to demand respect in the work place or wherever but yet you go around town acting like a ho, who should really respect you? I believe that respect is the biggest form of currency women have and to lose it could damage her immensely. In college, who wants to be known for marrying the campus hoe? How about the chick who got drunk and got a train ran on her? Or the one who dropped it like it was hot in the club a little too much? Is it fair? No but such is life. What say you ladies?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Looks like its someone elses turn

So Mr. Bush has said he had enough with Kim. I mean I am not sure if I can agree with his choice considering how banging she is lol. But as the old saying goes, for every beautiful woman there is a guy somewhere tired of banging her. The bigger issue though probably had to do with that sex tape. Its one thing not to be a virgin but to have it on tape? Yeah, very hard to take you seriously at that point. I am sure Bush got clowned time after time about it and who knows the behind the scenes between the two. But I know bros are ready to line up to break her off. But if she start talking that serious stuff? She will probably get dissed yet again.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Marrying a Hoe?

Question of the day, could you marry someone you knew to be a hoe or a porn star? I mean male or female could you do it and put up with the public criticism of loving someone with a horrible past. I know a lot of fellas would love to bang out Roxy Reynolds, but if you asked those same dudes would you bring her down the aisle most would say hell to the no. Why? Because who wants a wife that took cum shots to the face that could be purchased for $49.99? Ladies, could you put up with women checking your man cause he was on booty talk 35 banging out some chick raw dog? It would talk a lot of love and strong resolve to do it but I think few people have it in them to love or marry someone that was or is considered a hoe. What say you? Could you?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mrs. McNair is messing up

i am really sorry for this woman's loss, I really am. But you want to know the best way to make folks look bad? Try leaving your husbands other two sons off the list as heirs because they came from a prior relationship. That is what Michelle has reportedly done when she was named the administrator of Steve's estate. I am not sure if its being bitter, pissed off or what but this is simply not the right thing to do. This makes her seem like a bitter woman who will now take her anger out on children who had nothing to do with it. Yeah, you look out for your two sons and take care of them but now that Steve is gone, F*ck his other two sons? If that is how the majority of women think, marriage will come to a crashing holt. I know ladies, Steve cheated. I get it. I get that she is angry but to leave his other two boys out in the cold because YOUR pissed off? Get over yourself, quickly. Those two boys, unless they are not his (Steve's), have every right to their fathers money as her two boys do. Just because you did not pop them out does not all of a sudden mean they are worthless. Put those boys on the estate or you will have made a bad situation even worse.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

The money shot

Some women love it, some hate it. It has caused friction in different relationships. The money shot is porn slang for busting on the woman's face, breasts or booty at the correct time. But taken out of porn and into normal peoples bedrooms, women either like it or don't. Some women will say " bust on my breasts and booty but NOT my face!" Others will say " You can cum in my mouthand forehead but watch my eyes". Others simply do not want it in their hair, period. While yet others do not even want it on their booty. I prefer the breasts or the face when I can. Sometimes the mouth as well. But I take as good as I give so if the woman I am dealing with cannot give me as much in return its a wrap, ole selfish heffa lol !

Ladies, if your man says he wants to bust on your face what would you say? Are you ok with it? Where do you like for a man or your man to cum? Or is this just pornstar/hoe treatment and ladies should not have to subject themselves to this?

P.S. if this is your jump off homie better be busting in the condom, he don't get no special treatment! lol

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