Monday, July 13, 2009

The money shot

Some women love it, some hate it. It has caused friction in different relationships. The money shot is porn slang for busting on the woman's face, breasts or booty at the correct time. But taken out of porn and into normal peoples bedrooms, women either like it or don't. Some women will say " bust on my breasts and booty but NOT my face!" Others will say " You can cum in my mouthand forehead but watch my eyes". Others simply do not want it in their hair, period. While yet others do not even want it on their booty. I prefer the breasts or the face when I can. Sometimes the mouth as well. But I take as good as I give so if the woman I am dealing with cannot give me as much in return its a wrap, ole selfish heffa lol !

Ladies, if your man says he wants to bust on your face what would you say? Are you ok with it? Where do you like for a man or your man to cum? Or is this just pornstar/hoe treatment and ladies should not have to subject themselves to this?

P.S. if this is your jump off homie better be busting in the condom, he don't get no special treatment! lol

And shout out to the new follower blackbutterfly, thank you for the love!


  1. My fiance and I have been together for over 4 years and we still use condoms-so he can bust in that.

  2. Thank you!

    Never had anyone cum on my face. I see it as degrading but that's just me. Anywhere else is fine ;)

  3. why as degrading though because the porn chicks do it?

  4. porn chicks and regular chicks are two different classes of women...and to put a female(dating her or not) in the same category is just deplorable...i dont knock people for what they do but my dude gonna catch a bad break if he ever does that shit to me...and you should have a little more respect for women than nuttin in her face...thats like pissing on someone who doesnt know its coming...and who wants to clean cum off her face?